5 Delicious Meals Typical Of Coal

5 Delicious Meals Typical Of Coal

5 Delicious Meals Typical Of Coal – As we know, every region in Indonesia has a variety of unique culinary delights, one of which is Batu Bara district. This regency, which is located in North Sumatra, is famous for its unique culinary delights and rich spices.

1. Melayu Spicy Porridge

Malay spicy porridge is actually not much different from porridge in general. It’s just that this Batu Bara specialty is rich in spices. This is what makes the porridge taste even spicier.

The spicy Malay porridge is served with urap which consists of ferns, kale, and kesum. Some restaurants even add anchovies and peanuts.

2. Fish Sour Curry

Its location near the beach makes Batu Bara has several special culinary delights made from seafood, one of which is fish sour curry. The types of fish used include catfish, snapper, or fish sembilang.

The taste of the broth is very tasty, spicy, and fresh. To make it more delicious, the people of Batu Bara serve this dish with the addition of kecombrang, basil, and tomatoes to produce a distinctive fragrant aroma.

3. Soto Shrimp5 delicious meals typical of coal

If in other areas there are beef soup and chicken soup, then in Batu Bara district you will find prawn soup. As the name suggests, this soup is made from shrimp and vegetables with a savory liquid sauce.

The taste of prawn soup comes from leeks, lime leaves, pepper, lemongrass, salt and bay leaves. In order to make the filling of the shrimp soup more complete, local people usually add shredded grilled chicken on top.

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4. Jumbo Crab Soup

This jumbo crab soup combined with various kinds of vegetables is cooked using selected and quality spices. No wonder the aroma is so delicious with a dominating sweet taste.

Usually, jumbo crab soup is served with warm rice and lime juice to make it fresher.

5. Malay Boiled Noodles

Judging from its composition, boiled Malay noodles have a similar appearance to chicken noodles. It’s just that this Batu Bara specialty is richer in spices. Meanwhile, the toppings commonly used are fish, chicken, shrimp, and squid.