Healthy Food Consumed Raw

Healthy Food Consumed Raw

Healthy Food Consumed Raw – In general, the food that is usually served and we eat is cooked food. But it’s a different story if the food we have to eat is food that is still raw. Here are some foods you should eat raw to be healthier

1. Onion
Onions are probably the most widely used vegetable in the household. Generally, onions are a side dish such as fried onions, stir fry and basic spices. But eating raw onions in salads is very beneficial for your health. Onions contain a number of antioxidants that are good for the liver.

2. Bit
Beetroot is an iron-rich vegetable that is best consumed in the form of a salad or juice. You can also mix beets with boiled chickpeas to prepare beet hummus and enjoy them with nachos, chips or pita bread. Beets help lower blood pressure and also give you a pre-workout energy boost.

3. Sprouts
Sprouts made from beans or legumes increase the nutritional value of all the nutrients many times over. And if consumed raw, one can get tremendous benefits from Vitamin C. Sprouts are also high in Vitamin B which can be lost when cooked. Therefore, consuming raw sprouts (which are rich in several vitamins B and C) is a good choice when consumed raw.

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4. Tomato
Tomatoes may be part of our daily diet, because we consume them in a variety of different ways. Tomatoes are better when eaten raw, including in salads.

5. Garlic
Eating raw garlic may seem disgusting, but it offers a number of benefits to your body. For best results, you can eat garlic in the morning by cutting it into small pieces, putting a few drops of honey on top and chewing it for a while before gulping it down with a sip or two of water. Raw garlic has medicinal benefits and consuming it twice or more in a week reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. Raw garlic works as an anti-inflammatory, boosts your immunity and also controls blood pressure.

6. Peanuts
Roasted, salted or sweetened nuts may taste delicious, but eating them raw is a much healthier alternative. Adding salt or sugar to baked beans also increases the calorie content of the beans. From almonds and walnuts to cashews and pistachios, there are a number of nuts that are both delicious and healthy. Roasting nuts or basically exposing them to heat can reduce their antioxidant and vitamin content, so they are best eaten raw.