Kinds of Healthy Food for Isoman People

Kinds of Healthy Food for Isoman People

Kinds of Healthy Food for Isoman People – There are so many foods that contain benefits and nutrients in them. For those of you who are self-isolating, you definitely need the right and healthy food intake for you to eat.

These foods and drinks contain vitamin D, minerals, protein, and fiber that can help speed up the healing process. What are the recommendations? Come on, take a peek at the following list!

1. Boiled Egg

Eggs contain two ingredients at once, namely protein and carbohydrates needed by Covid-19 sufferers. In addition, egg yolks are also rich in vitamin D which is good for endurance. Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for breakfast.

2. Processed fatty fish

Fatty fish, such as sardines and tuna, are rich in vitamin D. Tuna can also be processed into a variety of delicious menus, such as grilled tuna, balado tuna, to flour tuna filets.

3. Beef

During self-isolation, it is recommended to eat foods such as beef. This is because beef is high in zinc and high in protein. Beef can be processed into steak, or if you want it to be durable and stock it can be made into rendang.

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4. Green vegetables

Green vegetables that can be consumed include spinach, kale, mustard greens, kale, or broccoli. All of them are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber and various nutrients that help boost immunity. How to process healthy vegetables is simply boiled or made into soup.

5. Avocado

The nutritional content of avocados can help improve mood and reduce anxiety. Ripe avocados can be consumed directly without being processed. So a mixture of fruit or vegetable salad is delicious.

6. Young coconut water

Patients who are undergoing isoman are advised to drink coconut water. Coconut water can help meet fluid needs, increase the body’s immune system, and inhibit congenital diseases to pose a higher risk for those exposed to Covid-19.