Typical Foods Made From Soybeans

Typical Foods Made From Soybeans

Typical Foods Made From Soybeans – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, the following is an article that discusses Korean specialties made from soybeans.

Soybeans are a type of legume that is common in Asian culinary creations. The processed form also varies. There are tempeh, tofu, milk, soy sauce, pasta, to fermented soybeans.

Well, soybeans are also often cooked into a delicious dish by the people of South Korea. Come on, see the reviews below!

1. Doenjang

Doenjang is a paste made from fermented soybeans. Investigate that doenjang plays an important role in certain dishes in Korean culinary as one of the mixed seasonings. The soybeans are fermented for several months until they turn dark brown in color.

2. Cheonggukjang

This thick ammonia flavored soy soup is made from fermented soybeans quickly (2-3 days) so it is nicknamed the fast fermented soybean paste. The soybeans are not crushed first until they produce meju (dry paste). If the color of the soybeans is black and has mucus, it can be processed into cooking.

3. Kongnamul Guk

Kongnamul guk is a banchan (side dish) which is also commonly eaten as a hangover reliever. The taste is savory and a bit spicy but refreshing. The manufacturing process is fairly simple and delicious to enjoy while warm.

Investigate, apparently, this sprouts soup does not use green bean sprouts but soybean sprouts.

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4. Jajangmyeon

Jajangmyeon is a dish of noodles combined with a sauce in the form of black soybean paste called chukung. To be precise, the soybeans are processed by burning (roasting).

Typical jajangmyeon sauce with a thick texture because it is added with starch from cornstarch. Other ingredients complement jajangmyeon such as seafood, zucchini, and chopped shallots.

5. Kongguksu

Kongguksu is made from cold noodles with a sauce in the form of white soybeans that are mashed into soy milk. Because of this, the dish is also often referred to as cold soy milk noodles. This dish is generally enjoyed during the summer because it gives a fresh sensation. The dominant taste of kongguksu is sweet and savory.

Apparently, soybeans can be made into a variety of preparations, here. Some are in the form of pasta, fermented soybeans, cooked into soup, and some even use soy milk. You just need to adjust it to your taste for the choice of eating it.